Types of Scholarships

Progression Scholarship

International students who progress onto the academic course after the preparation course will be awarded ¥30,000 CNY. Among them, the top 3 performing students will be awarded ¥ 60,000 CNY. No separate application is required. 

Chancellor Scholarship (Entrance Scholarship)

Chancellor Scholarship (Entrance Scholarships) is given to Chinese students based on their performance in the University Entrance Exam (Gaokao). No application is required. Eligible students will automatically be identified and the scholarship will be applied to their tuition fee. There are three ranking of scholarships: first class scholarship (¥ 100,000 CNY), second class scholarship (¥ 50,000 CNY) and third class scholarship (¥ 25,000 CNY). This scholarship will be renewed automatically for up to three additional years of undergraduate year, provided that the students fulfill the requirements specified for the scholarship. 

Academic Excellence Scholarship

The Academic Excellence Scholarship is awarded annually the outstanding performing students throughout their academic studies from year 1 to year 3. Scholarships amounts are ¥ 100,000 CNY, ¥ 50,000 CNY and ¥ 25,000 CNY. Eligibility for these awards is based on the students’ GPA of the year. This scholarship cannot be held in conjunction with the Chancellor Scholarship (Entrance Scholarship) nor Progression Scholarship. 

Extra-curricular Scholarships

In order to encourage all-round development of students, GTIIT has set up the Extra-Curricular Scholarship in recognition of the students’ achievement in non-academic fields such as leadership and public service, culture, athletics, arts and innovation. The award amounts ¥ 5,000 CNY and is for one academic year only. 

Cooperate and Individual Sponsored Scholarships

The generous donation and support from corporations and individuals enables GTIIT to gradually establish scholarships that help students gain access to better education. Last year, the Hanshi Scholarship valued at ¥ 10,000 CNY was created in 2017 to award the 2018 freshmen who are from Chaoshan area (Shantou, Chaozhou and Jieyang cities). No separate application is required.  




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