GTIIT Chancellor Li Jiange attends the 2017 Boao Forum For Asia



The 2017 Boao Forum For Asia formally opened in Hainan province on 23rd, March. GTIIT Chancellor was invited to attend the forum and joint in the discussion of two sub-forums – Future Education & DNA of Innovators.


The Boao Forum For Asia is an international organization sponsored by China. Since it was established in 2001, the forum is committed to promoting economic cooperation in Asia and creating a platform for high-level dialogue among the government, enterprises and experts on the issues of economy, society, environment, etc., as well as providing intelligent support for the sustainable development of the regional economy. This forum is titled as Confronting the Future of Globalization and Free Trade.


In the sub-forum regarding future education, Li Jiange made an introduction of GTIIT's establishment background, development progress and future vision. The current educational reform in China should keep up with the times by changing the traditional cramming pattern, taking Israeli education pattern as reference, introducing excellent faculty resources, improving students' research & work ability, and cultivating students' innovation & curiosity, he emphasized.


At the hostess's request to share a favorite saying about education with the audience, Li Jiange adduced a quotation from Li Kashing: "Sense is the source of intelligence while ignorance is the greatest enemy of humans. Hence, education is so important that it is not only a piece of diploma but also a life navigator and a journey of self-discovery and world-exploration. Specialized knowledge, language competence, innovation and wise judgement make up a platform so that we may make achievements with great passion and stable state of mind to serve the nation, country and society. For this reason, education is the cornerstone of all tradition, progress, dignity and intelligence. Knowledge changes destiny and that is the commitment of education." -- What is the Commitment of Education


In the sub-forum DNA of Innovators, Li Jiange pointed out that the DNA of innovation should not be "duplicated" but be "grafted". The schooling philosophy of GTIIT is to pass down the Chinese tradition of respecting education and knowledge and to absorb the Israeli culture of keeping innovation and courage to challenge authority.


Answering the questions on innovation environment and supervision, Li Jiange emphasized that favorable soil and ecology are required for innovation. China internet finance has stayed ahead of many developed countries partly due to the comparatively liberal development environment. Education is the start of technology innovation and China still has a long way to go in education reform, he said.


Li Jiege also pointed out that a positive attitude should be held towards China’s innovation development. Presently, the government is showing great support in innovation and entrepreneurship, which has brought tremendous improvement of China’s innovation environment and contributed to the world-leading number of patent application. China will see an explosive growth of innovation in the future.


Wu Xiaoli, Vice-Director & chief anchor of Phoenix TV Information Channel, and Gina Smith, journalist & bestselling author of New York Times, hosted the two sub-forums respectively. Tsinghua University President Qiu Yong, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University President Shi Yongjun, Macau University of Science and Technology President Liu Liang, and Seoul National University President Pak Song-Chol attended the sub-forum on future education. Yossi Vardi, Father of Israeli science and technology entrepreneurship, Logan Allin, Partner of Formation Group, Wang Binyin, Deputy Director General of WIPO International Bureau, Xie Qing, Founder & CEO of Fortinet, and Zhang Yaqing, CEO of Baidu, attended the sub-forum on DNA of innovators. 




Text/ Photo by:Will Sun

Translated by: Wu Yanru

Edited by:Li Min




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